Hop On, Hop off the Spire

The infamous Dublin Spire with a tour bus in the foreground.

“The Dublin Spire is one hundred and twenty metres tall, making it by far the tallest structure in Dublin city centre. It is three metres wide at the base and tapers to a 15 centimetre wide beacon at the top. The top section is perforated and lit by small LEDs.”

I like these: What Goes Up and Rosie and Nora.


  1. micki Reply

    The spire is really cool! Not seen that before. That’s a pretty cool tour bus, too.


  2. Deano Reply

    Love it, somer real fun with a wide angle here :)


  3. Donal Reply

    Uh huh, the wide angle certainly lets you get close and still get the full spire. I was miles back to get the full spire in on my attempt. Thanks for the link today btw.


  4. Kae Verens Reply

    I will never understand why Dublin council were allowed to cut down the many beautiful trees that were on that street, only to replace the century-plus-old trees with a big metal penis.

    It might look good on some days, but mostly, it is an eyesore, and a bloody obvious phallic symbol.

    Sorry to detract from your photo with such a distraught request to leave nature alone and stop replacing it with useless rubbish.


  5. fjl Reply

    superb shot. well done!


  6. Matty Reply

    It doesn’t really look like a penis to me.


  7. Paxton Prints Reply

    That is very cool. I have never seen that before.


  8. Flickr: Bill Brady Reply

    Bill Brady has posted a comment:

    brilliant shot. could you tell us what type of lense you used? :-)

    Hop On, Hop off the Spire


  9. Flickr: xeer Reply

    xeer has posted a comment:

    It’s shot with a wide angle Sigma 10-20mm lens. No way could you get 120m of a tower from across the street otherwise :)

    Hop On, Hop off the Spire


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