Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church on Fr. Mathew Quay, pictured from just outside a side gate on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

The church and attached friary are run by the Capuchins who have been in the city since at least 1637. The church above dates from early eighteenth century.


  1. Donal Reply

    Great shot. I like the way the church is between the gates and the cloud at the top of the church makes the picture complete.


  2. micki Reply

    This is the most wonderful composition, and the light colors of the gate, church and walk look fantastic with that beautiful blue sky.


  3. Gareth Marlow Reply

    A very good example of working with, rather than compensating for, the perspective distortion of the superwide lens. Good stuff!


  4. Donncha Reply

    Thanks for the comments! After I uploaded this image I worked on it a little more and changed the perspective on it to correct the stretched look. I still like this on however!


  5. Deano Reply

    Fantastic perspective.


  6. Ayash Basu Reply

    I love this composition, the inclusion of the gates to lead the eye into the main subject. Great architecture and a splendid capture.


  7. Paxton Prints Reply
  8. Anonymous Reply

    beautiful picture nice sky that makes this picture look more precious.

  9. sam Reply

    It’s already been said – AWESOME!

  10. applehead Reply

    This is more than a prety picture, it is a testament to the victory of true love and the perserverance of destiny.

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