The Puppy, the cat and the calf

The Puppy and the calf

Sasha took quite an interest in a field of calves across the road from her home last night, and they in her! This particular calf was braver than the rest and sniffed at Sasha, Oscar, me and whoever was at the gate!
Ali, the cat, didn’t think much of the bovine crowd gathered around and soon settled in the ditch to sleep!

Photos of the day: Italian fans celebrate.


  1. micki Reply

    These are awesome shots! The top image is adorable! The calf has such beautiful eyes.

  2. Donal Reply

    Top photo is cool! The poor cat looks petrified.

  3. photoDude Reply

    terribly, terribly cute. The puppy & calf shot is excellent.

  4. cool daddio Reply

    I also am seriously digging the top photo! Very cool and just plain makes me feel good.

  5. Paky Reply

    Thanks for your visit to my fotoblog. Your pictures are brilliant. Congratulations!

  6. sam Reply

    Now the puppy and cow is an awesome shot great use of the rules of composition!

  7. lolcat Reply

    Amazing BW shots. I love the one with the cow and puppy. They both look so curious!

  8. Puppy Dog Trainer Reply

    Amazing that the cow is not afraid of that dog!

  9. Dog Trainer Reply

    I love the first shot, the big dark eye of the calf and the slightly scared and cautious look from the dog and cow makes it such a nice shot.

  10. Michael Reply

    You were really able to capture the curiosity of the calf and the puppy (Cavalier?) investigating each other. Unlikely friends!

  11. Reply

    Wow! These photos are fantastic.

  12. puppy-trainer Reply

    The first shot is a fantastic picture, it really catches a unique moment, you should definitely enter it into a photography competition it would stand a great chance of wining something and give you some well earned recognition for the picture you captured. Keep up the good work.

    Many thanks


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