Swan and Young

Swan and Young

A mother swan and her young offspring. There was a lovely sunset causing a deep red reflection in the water. The mother swan was very protective and aggressive and reared up and spat at me a moment after I took this shot!

Edit: This photo is hosted on Zoomr! Thomas Hawk is appealing to the greed and curiousity of bloggers and giving out pro accounts to those who host a photo on their site and blog it. Hey! What can I say? I bit!


  1. Matty Reply

    Lovely! A mute swan, I’d say.


  2. Donncha Reply

    Thanks Matt, I wasn’t sure if it was too dark or not. It depends on how your monitor is configured!


  3. photoDude Reply

    This is a beautiful photo dude. Very mystical.


  4. Eric Reply

    this is beautiful donncha. i like the dark water against the white swan.


  5. Paxton Prints Reply

    Beautiful capture.


  6. Jarratt W. Martin Reply

    Can it sing? what’s the expression for dressing a certain way?
    I can’t remember. Swanned?

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