Airbrush a pretty girl

You may have seen this already, it’s on delicious, but it’s something I’ll read over later so I want to mention it. This airbrush tutorial is very detailed, showing each step with accompanying screenshots.
The result is quite a stunning image in the Playboy tradition of perfect skin and tones. Fake but it’s what people want!

I posted a similar touch-up tutorial a few months ago, but it concentrated on general techniques for giving a portrait more punch.


  1. T J Khamas Reply

    I met you last year in the Grande perade. If you go to youtube & type ” photoshop tips”, you will get many clips & one is about transforming a photo of a girl into a Playboy model.

  2. – How to Talk to Girls Reply

    Very cool, I agree it looks fake and almost overdone, but I also agree it’s what we like to see!

  3. Charles Reply

    yes you right, but nowadayd, we have many videos providers, not only youtube, ther is filehost, rapidshare, etc..

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