Fred The Band in the Spiegeltent

Fred played in the Spiegeltent on Tuesday night and as usual put on a great show! Their show is energetic and wild and brilliant!

More photos tomorrow!

Edit: Donal has great photos of the night. Go look!


  1. Betty the Sheep Reply

    Nice shot of the energetic drumming.

  2. micki Reply

    That is an awesome shot, you can really feel their passion!!

  3. Donal Reply

    Excellent shots Donn, especially the last one of the drummer.

  4. Donncha Reply

    Thanks! I didn’t have time to work on any more so I’ll spread them out over a day or two more. The crowd surfing shots should hopefully display well!

  5. Katie Reply

    Great gig shots. Tough to get but you have done a really great job here. Lovely b&w choice, perfect contrast here with lovely subtle lightning. Really like these shots. Great work from Donal too, talented bunch!!

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