Web 2.0 pre-conference dinner

A group of about 20 bloggers, techs, and generally smart and nice people gathered in Probys Bistro last night before the Web 2.0 Conference today.
Pictured, in no particular order, and only if I figured out, or know your blog:

Not pictured are Fergus Burns or Walter Higgins who were sitting on either side of me at dinner. They gave great talks too, Fergus concentrated on the Irish perspective of starting a company while Walter gave a more technical talk on the technology behind AJAX and Rich Internet Apps.
Bref, Conor and Sabrina – where are your blogs?

Thanks again to Damien Mulley for organising the dinner. It was a great opportunity to meet some of the participants and characters at conference in an informal setting.

Later.. here’s a pic of me at the dinner taken by Joe Drumgoole:


  1. Rob Burke Reply

    These are great! Thank you!

    (I’m the blurry occluded thing in photo #1) :)


  2. micki Reply

    Looks and sounds like it was a great conference!


  3. Fergus Burns Reply

    Hi Donnacha,

    it was great to meet up – great night/day. Pics look great.

    Talk soon


  4. Conor O’Neill Reply

    Hey Donncha,

    Great talking to you at the meal. Those photos of yours turned out as well as I expected! Blogs over at conoroneill.com and argolon.com (I have a few words about you over at Argolon).

    See you soon,



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