In a few days time we’re adopting this little ball of fur and we’re going to name him Oscar!
There’s an adorable King Charles Spaniel asleep in the background, but as you can see, both are unconcerned that a crazy cousin with a camera is making this shot!

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  1. Matty Reply

    He looks really cute. Don’t let Mary know about him, though!


  2. Farrows 949 Reply

    thats so cute!!

  3. tuloola Reply

    oh my god i think i think i’ve fallen in love with your dog. i want your permission to have your dogs hand in marriage i know in texas they allow marrying animals esp shih’zu, i can pay for the flights. i am being deadly serious. thanks x

  4. ana Reply

    i love your puppy. i have a shitzu too. its a girl. her name is Meggie and she is my friend. my best friend

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