Old Bike

Bikes are still used as a means of transport, somehow. I think people are probably a little crazy to cycle into town these days because of the huge increase in traffic but some hearty souls will continue to do so!

I cross-processed this to add the brown/purle tint.


  1. micki Reply

    Great shot, love the baskets!


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  3. laura Reply

    Jeez, Donncha, I think you need to get out of Cork more if you think it is a city unsuitable for cyclists. I am from cork and I would happily cycle there now, just as I did when I was growing up there. (I used to cycle to school on Patrick’s hill occassionally (occassionally because I was lazy), and I’ll bet some of my teachers still do) It is a blissful city (when you have cycled in Dublin and I have lived here for seven years) for cyclists (hills excluded, but traffic wise). Absolutely, there could be more bike lanes, but when traffic moves at a sedate 20mph on average (i know, i know it should be in kph) who needs them!


  4. Donncha Reply

    You’re right Laura, compared to Dublin, cycling in Cork is safe but that doesn’t detract from the dangers of a hugely increased population in recent years and sometimes reckless cyclists on the road.

    I wouldn’t say it’s unsuitable, but all the road works in the city have provided an extra hazard too, meaning cyclists need to be a little more wary.


  5. ivan moreno Reply

    Hello , I have an old BAUER bike i think was made in 1920; I need to know about this brand . but it’s very hard to find any information

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