Tom Murphy Men’s Wear

We returned my wedding suit yesterday to Tom Murphy Men’s Wear and Dress Hire Service.
Irish people love to complain about the shoddy service they receive when shopping but rarely do they shout about a great shopping experience when helpful and enthusiastic staff make the process so much easier.
Selecting the right wedding suit was probably the most important clothing choice I made in my life but Dermot, Tom and Owen were there to help.

If you need to hire wedding suits then do drop into Tom Murphy’s on St. Patrick Street Cork and tell them Donncha sent you!


  1. micki Reply

    Looks like a great establishment, I love the charm of the top photo!

  2. Michele Reply

    Congrats on the wedding!

    Where is the shop?

  3. Donncha Reply

    Michele – thanks, and it’s on Patrick Street. I updated my post with that info!

  4. tom Reply

    how come the two must experienced staff where not mentioned??????

  5. Urban L Reply

    Looks like a nice store; congrats on the wedding too!

  6. john Reply

    great place.highly recommended.great business and wedding suits and sharp casual gear.

  7. tom Reply

    they have a great new website.googl will direct u to old site so ring for new site.i think its

  8. oozy Reply

    i go there regularly for my is not cheap but quality and service top class

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