Cobh Flowers

Assorted flowers decorate the harbour area of Cobh.

Yesterday, my wedding day, was without doubt “the best day of my life”!

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  1. Mark Reply

    Congratulations to you both.

  2. micki Reply

    Big congratulations! May each passing day continue to be the best day of your life for each of you!

  3. James Farmer Reply


  4. Andrew Reply

    Beautiful picture :)

    Any chance of a wedding picture?

  5. Donncha Reply

    Thank you all for your comments and congratulations! It’s been wonderful!

    Andrew – Tom Raftery posted a picture on his Flickr stream of Jacinta and I at the afters. Hopefully I’ll get around to posting some details and a few pictures later!

  6. Andrew Reply

    Thanks :)

  7. eric Reply

    Trés belle image !
    Continuez !

  8. andyp Reply

    Hey man I had no idea – I’ve been away and haven’t had a chance to read your blog for a while. Congratulations, wishing you both much happiness!

  9. katy Reply

    Many congratulations…wishing you all the joy in the world, best wishes Katy

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