Spring Blooms

I can never remember the names of flowers and trees and today is no exception. I captured this image almost a month ago after Jacinta spotted this beautiful display of nature.

We are to be married today, it’s all hectic around here but our prayers have been answered and the rain is clearing off. I’m looking forward to saying “I do” later and making Jacinta my beautiful wife!
Slightly later… we got a mention on the radio when Ian Dempsey read out my text. A pity he fluffed up my surname but their text machine must have mangled it somehow! Jacinta reminded me that it’s a cherry blossom in the photo above!


  1. Pete Reply

    Best wishes Donncha. Hope you have a great time – don’t forget to stop and relish the day.


  2. Pure Cork Boy Reply

    Ah fuck it, that just brings a tear to my eye!


  3. LyRiAnN Reply

    Is it the treasure of your soul ? Beautiful colors…


  4. Gareth Marlow Reply

    Wow. Good for you and good luck! And yep, cherry is the most beautiful blossom. We had a pink cherry tree in the front garden of the house where I grew up – fond memories.


  5. Donal Reply

    Good luck today Donn. See ya in a little bit to get you spruced up!


  6. micki Reply

    Beautiful blooms, and my very best to you!!


  7. Jennifer Reply

    Congratulations!! Let’s see a wedding picture!!

  8. Justin Reply

    Congratulations from me too. I’m looking forward to seeing the “honeymoon” photos as well. :)


  9. ryan Reply

    Congratulations to both of ye! I, like everyone else, am expecting to see lots of ‘from the hip’ photos of the wedding :)


  10. Andrew Reply

    Congratulations from me as well! :) I meant to send you an email when I first heard about the wedding but I just figured you were busy enough as is ;)

  11. JOhn Reply

    Blogging on your wedding day…now that’s dedicated! Best of luck to both of you


  12. Gavin Reply

    Congrats Donncha O Coamih! Hope it was a wonderful day.


  13. Charleen Reply

    THAT’s what those flowers are!!! Matt and I must have taken a dozen of them on the trip, and we had no clue…Thanks for clearing that up!
    Welcome back, and lots of well wishes for you and Jacinta are being projected from Texas at this very moment! Yours, Charleen

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