Seaweed rope

I like the dreamy diffused glow of this image. It was shot down in Inchadony Beach a few weeks back.

Howto: First of all, I had to straighten the horizon because it was at a precarious angle. I used two layers, I saturated the colours slightly in the bottom layer to bring out the green of the sea weed.
I blurred the top layer and converted it to black and white using the channel mixer. I applied a layer mask of a gradient to make the bottom half of the lower layer visible and changed layer mode to screen with an opacity of 100.
I then corrected lens distortion using ptlens running in Wine. The horizon was noticeably bent but this program did a great job correcting that!


  1. micki Reply

    Love how nice you made the line of seaweed that always washes ashore look!! What a great perspective.

  2. Lyriann Reply

    Strange universe of the Earth, where the beaches of my mind draw green ways…

  3. Paxton Prints Reply

    Well done! I like the way this image leads your eyes away. Good job in processing!

  4. afraidtosee Reply

    Beautiful work! I thought it was a mountain range seen from high up at first. Love the look of this shot!

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