The Craft Fair is now on!

A craft fair was recently held in the Unitarian Church on Prince’s Street. I have been dying to get into the building and see what it’s like on the inside for ages so we jumped at the chance. We like visiting these fairs too so it was doubly good.
This rather tall and cheerful man was advertising the fair on St. Patrick’s Street!

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  • micki April 30, 2006 Reply

    This shot has a wonderfully timeless feel to it with the b&w theme. Excellent!

  • Matty April 30, 2006 Reply

    I hope this doesn’t sound cruel, but the thing that makes this photo for me is the fact that the lady on the right looks more unstable than the guy on the stilts!

  • Delton Lola June 20, 2006 Reply

    Hello. I am a young photographer. I went few times to have a look at the craft fair. And the idea came to my mind that i could participate to this craft fair…
    At the moment i have few pictures, specialy black and white but a bit of colour as well. I am making cards with it at the moments….
    Could you send me some informations about the church and the craft fair… And if you would eventually be interested by my work, let me know…
    Sincerely and friendly,

  • Virginie November 13, 2006 Reply

    Hey Lola,

    Sounds good, contact Kate on 0876849431, she organizes the fair. I’m sure she’ll find some space for you.

    See you soon there,


  • Ian Kenefick December 7, 2007 Reply


    I think the guy on the stilts is thinking the same as you

  • Homebrew Recipes January 22, 2008 Reply

    I agree black and white has given a timeless element, have you tried cropping closer to the guy on stilts.

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