Little Plane Flying High

Just before I got in the car to drive home I looked up.


  1. Donal Reply

    Excellent shot Donn. Compostion is great. (Comments disappear if you rate a photo :( )

  2. Donncha Reply

    Thanks Donal! Comment rating is only a link and doesn’t submit the comment form unfortunately.
    I’m almost out of pre-prepared images, have to work on some more for the month of May this weekend!

  3. micki Reply

    Love how you used all the powerlines to frame this plane and its trail. The plane looks like it has a spotlight on it. Excellent shot!

  4. Paxton Prints Reply

    Nice catch! I almost missed it.

  5. Anonymous Reply


  6. Flickr: geese1957 Reply

    geese1957 has posted a comment:

    The airplane adds a great touch.

    Voted great5 in the ::inspir@ction:: group

    Little Plane Flying High

  7. Flickr: GeMbRiNhAs Reply

    GeMbRiNhAs has posted a comment:

    Congratulations! Your picture got 5 great votes in the Inspir@ction group! You can now add it to the GALERIA – The Inspired Ones.

    Feel free to add a new picture to the group!

    Little Plane Flying High

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