A boy on St. Patrick’s Street

Just outside Boots he stopped in front of me, what could I do but make this image?
He was waiting for his parents to catch up but I liked the contrast between him and the busy world around him. He rejoined that world moments later.
A moment in time.


  1. Gavin Reply

    He looks quite lost, but..in a kind of ‘I know where I’m going’ sense. You’ve captured a great image here. Love the busy street behind him.

    About the RSS feed, I dont think I can edit my feed on my-expressions, so thumbnails is all that will show it’s seems, I’ve checked some other expressions users and it seems to be the case. : (


  2. Lyriann Reply

    A moment in time… very intensive…


  3. micki Reply

    Love the innocent expression on his face, so sweet.


  4. niko Reply

    People around him are so busy,seem have aims

  5. Sebastian Reply

    great street photography! what a great look of the little boy :-)



  6. Kevin T. Reply
  7. Brian Reply

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