A Cork Skateboarder in Times Square

I received an email yesterday from GE Health. A few months ago they contacted me and asked me to add this skateboarder picture to their new Health website. It was to be displayed in Times Square during the month of April and yesterday’s email confirmed that it had been!

The email included a link to this webcam photo. It could have been taken anywhere but since there definitely was an ad campaign on April 7th, so it’s probably real!


  1. Otto K. Reply

    Very cool. Congrats!


  2. Gareth Marlow Reply

    Wow! Colour me jealous!


  3. micki Reply

    Congratulations! Wonderful news.


  4. Gavin Reply

    It be! http://www.ge.com/health/ open it, search for skateboardin…it’s there! :)


  5. In need of Medical Reply

    Well done for helping a for-profit American healthcare company. If the skater breaks his leg sans insurance General Electric Healthcare will just point and laugh…

  6. Donncha Reply

    Thanks “In need of Medical”. The photo is my property and I can use it in whatever way I like.
    Yes, I agree with you about the skateboarder but so will any other commercial organisation, and that’s why people have health insurance. Either that, or they sue local government.


  7. Brian Reply

    Dude. I just checked out the original of this shot and it’s awesome. I can see why they wanted it. Did they pay you fro use?


  8. Vic Reply

    Brilliant! Well done!!!!!!!!!


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