Street Talking

Two gents pictured on Winthrop Street Cork several weeks ago.


  1. pam n Reply

    nice color, like the feeling of being right in the middle of the city street.

  2. Emré Reply

    I like the perspective, closer to the ground, and little slanted :-)

  3. Micki Reply

    Because of the angle, I am imagining you bending down to pretend to tie your shoe or pick up your lens cap, and then sneaking this great shot in!

  4. Flickr: dutchgoldallgood Reply

    dutchgoldallgood has posted a comment:

    I dont think you put any thought into this. the light is poor and theres no symmetry. If you took a little more time to think about why your taking these shots and what form they deserve they would be much better.

    Street Talking

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