Kilkenny Alley

One of the well preserved medieval alleyways leading off the main street in Kilkenny.


  1. Micki Reply

    Very well preserved, not at all what one pictures when you hear the word alley.

  2. Matty Reply

    There’s no litter!

  3. Lyriann Reply

    Wonderful point of view !

  4. pb. Reply

    It looks so much like the Temple Bar Archway in Dublin – without the litter… and the guy playing the bodhran.

  5. Mary Reply

    This is a lovely picture i love the darkness of the path and the light behind. Did you use any filters or computer enhancements on it?

  6. Telor Reply

    Nice Photo, thats called a “slip” as opposed to an alley, this one is called the “butter slip” as it was where butter was sold in mediaevel times. I grew up quite close to there :-)

  7. Anonymous Reply

    This is no alley, it’s the “Butterslip Lane”, this was where the butter stalls were laid out on the way down to the Market Yard.

  8. Patricia Reply

    iremember the alley as a child & it was mostly cobble stones,
    how great it looks now.
    Cead mile failte


  9. secret shoppers Reply

    Really very carefully preserved. Ally is no more there but the memories are still alive. Want to become an secret shopper please do visit the above link.

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