The Heron and the bars

Last in the series of Heron shots. I took over 100 shots of this bird so I’d be certain of getting a good photo and this is my favourite despite the ugly vertical bars!
He was walking towards the bridge and I crouched down and focused on him through the bars of the bridge. I’m glad I went to the extra effort now.


  1. Paxton Prints Reply

    I like this one of series the best! Great images.

  2. Micki Reply

    I really like this one as well, and I love the way the water turned out in today’s shot. I also can’t believe how close you were able to get.

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  4. sureshy Reply

    Nice shot. I was looking for a right theme for longtime for my photoblog and finally ended on your site through google search. Thanks to you. I am going to use this theme. I am also adding your site to my favorites.

  5. Donncha Reply

    Thanks all, glad you like it. It was one of the last shots I got of the bird before he disappeared under the bridge!

  6. Gavin Reply

    This one is incredible, the light and overall tone is just wonderful. The bar isnt distracting, I kinda like it.

    I’ve been trying to comment the past few days, but everytime your site loaded it crashed & it wouldn’t load again.

  7. Donncha Reply

    Thanks Gavin – I’m living on the edge WRT WordPress code and using the bleeding edge stuff from SVN. Sometimes it breaks and I don’t notice for a few hours! I had to revert a few changes yesterday because posts wouldn’t show but things are working ok now and I’m not going to svn update for a few days again!

  8. Thom Reply

    Great series. I took a bunch of shots of herons last year in Florida, and still need to sort through them. They are amazingly graceful and beautiful birds – I didn’t want to screw up the photos, either.

  9. Brian Reply

    Beautiful shot and series. I love these birds.

  10. Billy Reply

    Donncha – out on my web site at the bottom is your picture. I cleaned it up a little – hope ya don’t mind. It is at the bottom of all the mess – just scroll down – by the way – nice shot. Please reply back to – I can actually improve it more – but i only took about 3 minutes to work on it this morning.

  11. Lloyd D Budd Reply

    Wonderful photo.

    If you ever come out to Victoria, BC, Canada, you can enjoy the local heron from Julia’s parent’s place.

  12. jessica Redden Reply

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