Heron on the river and trolley

A Heron pictured on the River Lee through the bars of the Christy Ring Bridge, Cork. Moments before I got close enough, two other herons flew away down the river.
Despite the rubbish and trolleys in the river it’s a great sign to see wild life again.

This is the first of three photos which I will post over the next few days.

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  1. Micki Reply

    Wow, you were able to get in pretty close to this guy, I haven’t had such luck yet. He is a beauty.


  2. NoWords Reply

    nice capture!


  3. Matty Reply

    He looks quite well! Nice shot.


  4. John Reply

    Great shot – been trying to take a few shots of Grey Herons myself for the last week or so – I like this one a lot. What lens did you use ?



  5. Paxton Prints Reply

    What a strange contrast of beauty and garbage! Lovely.


  6. Donncha Reply

    Thanks for the comments! I used my Sigma 18-200mm, probably fully extended. Thankfully the sun came out while I was shooting!


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