Dogs can be curious too!

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  • Micki March 31, 2006 Reply

    Yes, but their curiosity usually involves an agressive, wet nose. Hope you got your lens out of the way in time!

  • Donncha March 31, 2006 Reply

    He moved away at the last moment and wandered away! I wish I had shot a cleaner picture but I like the abstract nature of the image too.

  • sebastian March 31, 2006 Reply

    very nice and great colours!!!

  • Matty March 31, 2006 Reply

    Careful. Curiousity got the Cameraman and all that!

  • chelsea April 26, 2007 Reply

    waz up!? luv me!

  • Erika June 4, 2007 Reply

    dont you just love em :)

    Staffordshire Terriers !

    Sweetest softhearted dumb ;) little clowns

  • Alan November 14, 2007 Reply

    Good dawg, hull in dar!!!!!!!!!!

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