All good stuff

Is chocolate bad and contain calories if it’s all organic and good and pure and sold in a homely fashion? Go on, you know you want some!
Yummy looking chocolate brownies for sale at a stall during the St Patrick’s Festival Cork 2006!


  1. John Reply

    Mmmmm…wouldn’t mind a few of those for brekkie this morning…

  2. Micki Reply

    Those do look yummy! Now that we know the health benefits to chocolate, I’m sure to eat a small piece of dark chocolate every day. So, go ahead and munch away!

  3. Sidney Reply

    Looks yummy! Nice street shot !

  4. John Reply

    Looks very inviting, nice ‘warm feeling’ shot. Even though the weather looks cold.

  5. Phil Reply

    Sounds good, and looks good. I’d go for it.

  6. Dean [Captured4Life] Reply

    Looking dangerously tasty!! Great shot, scrummy Donncha!!

  7. Paxton Prints Reply

    Lovely colors here!

  8. Flickr: mikescottnz Reply

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called GMO Free World (sans OGM, Gentechnikfrei ) picture it ; join us , and we’d love to have this added to the group!

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