Fun on a monocycle

A street performer climbs onto his monocycle during the St Patrick’s Festival 2006.
I love the second picture here. It shows just how crazy he was as he got the crowd cheering and enthusing about his act.


  1. Micki Reply

    Yes, that look on his face in photo two is charming!

  2. Suby Reply

    Why am I just wishign to see a shot of him falling off the cycle? Why am I soo evil? :) Yep like the expression on his face in the 2nd shot :)

  3. àsìkò Reply

    geez………..brave dude. nice capture

  4. lighting Reply

    That guy has a lot of courage! I can’t imagine falling off that, ouch!

  5. Jide Alakija Reply

    Now this is interesting.

  6. Dave Powell Reply

    I was searching the web for pictures of monocycles (which is actually a wheel that the rider sits inside – the one above is a unicycle) and came across this picture which is a friend of mine – Jim Webster who runs Streetwise circus in Belfast. Nice shots

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