Joe, the Devil and an Angel

Joe was a simple man. He is like most of us haunted by his own devils but also protected by an angel by his side.
In this street drama Joe was continually tempted by the devil, but then he found a small bird lying dead on the ground. What will he do? Leave it there for someone to walk on or a car to roll over or bury it with some dignity?
Thankfully Joe’s Angel gained the upper hand and with some ceremony Joe buried the poor bird in a nearby bin.

Street drama as part of the St Patrick’s Festival 2006 in Cork.


  1. Micki Reply

    You have such skills for street photography! These are awesome.

  2. Jide Alakija Reply

    I love the extra bit to your photography. Like watching a play. Nice one.

  3. àsìkò Reply

    these shots are too funny LOL, creative stuff here

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