The candle seller’s red hat

This man was selling scented candles on a small table in front of the Crawford Art Gallery. The sense of smell is one of our most primitive and releases memories and stirs emotions. He was doing a brisk trade.
When I saw his woolly red hat I had to make a portrait of him!
Pictured during the St Patrick’s Festival Cork.

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  1. Micki Reply

    I LOVE “smelly, smelly” candles. I burn them all winter long.

    This gentleman’s hat is awesome! Reminds me of what my grandma would wear, only hers was ALWAYS purple.

  2. eterisk Reply

    I relly like your documentary shots. I feel warmth and they make me smile.

  3. Flickr: dutchgoldallgood Reply

    dutchgoldallgood has posted a comment:

    If you took a little more time this could be a great shot. Think think think. what could this shot be.

    The candle seller's red hat

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