The Mean Look

Is this a buzzard? I really should have taken note of the signs near the enclosures! Moments after I took this photo he was thrown some raw meat and went at it with gusto.
Pictured in the Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago.

Today is St. Patrick’s Day. It rained, it snowed, it was cold. Brrrr! I stayed in with family and had a lovely dinner, delicious chocolate Swiss roll and relaxed for the day. Sorry, no photos of the parade this year, but here are some photos of the 2004 parade, the last one I was at!


  1. Cornell Finch Reply

    Yes, it’s a type of Buzzard! Can’t tell you which type at the moment though. I’ll ask my wife tonight – she’s a bit of a bird of prey fanatic… ;)

  2. Micki Reply

    Well, he’s one of the cuter buzzards I’ve seen.

  3. coffeelover Reply

    Neato! He has a peculiar look to him.

  4. Matty Reply

    It’s not a buzzard. The crew cut makes it look more like a vulture to me, which I’ve just confirmed by looking at this site
    Donncha. My wife celebrated Paddy’s day last night (we don’t get a day off here, obviously). She’s, errrm, not too well today.

  5. dan Reply

    Its a lappetfaced vulture I do believe.

  6. dan Reply

    oops i was wrong

  7. Pat Reply

    All you guys are wrong. This is a Cinereous Vulture. Wingspan is 9-10 feet. And, yes, it can fly in the outdoor exhibit is shares with it’s mate (which you didn’t get a picture of). At least the person who took the picture admitted that he should have taken note of the signage nearby which clearly states that it is a Cinereous Vulture. There are always signs to tell you what you’re looking at if you take the time to read them.

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