Do animals feel emotion? Do they feel joy and sadness, regret and elation or even jealousy and envy?
This little fella eyed the bigger mound next to him with what I’d swear was envy. Does anyone know what kind of animal he is?
Pictured in Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo.

Later.. if you wondered what Meerkats do when they’re underground, you should read this :)


  1. Pat Reply

    A Meerkat

  2. Micki Reply

    He is a cutie. I think some animals feel more than others.

    You’ve captured some great details in this photo in the rocks and the fur. So well done.

  3. Gavin Reply

    Great composition, works well set on the right, he looks cold for some reason.

  4. James Farmer Reply

    Meerkats are out there, they can seriously get into excluding group members and v. complex social patterns (especially when in a ‘forced’ (i.e. a zoo) environment.

    Best thing I know about Meerkats in zoos is that if they do fall out you generally just need to leave a stuffed toy somewhere in sight of their enclosure and they’ll bond together in defiance of ‘the neemy’.. ace :D

  5. Katinka Reply

    It’s a slender-tailed meerkat. I’ve got some photies of their pups if you wanna have a peak:

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