Grooming the Monkey

When you’ve had a hard morning climbing branches and swinging from tree to tree, what better way to relax than have your mother run her fingers through your fur and pick out the ticks and insects.
Pictured in Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago.

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  • Micki March 14, 2006 Reply

    Normally, I don’t like monkeys, but I have to admit that this one is cute.

  • Donal March 14, 2006 Reply

    No way, that’s one ugly baby.

  • Donncha March 14, 2006 Reply

    Aw no Donal, he’s cute! Wait until you see the gorillas in a few days!

  • Gavin March 14, 2006 Reply

    Wow, he really doesnt look to happy. Hehe. Wonderful shot!

  • afraidtosee March 16, 2006 Reply

    WOW. Look at that expresison! I like the B&W treatment as well.

  • Phil March 16, 2006 Reply

    It looks like the mouth was just stuck onto the fur. How did you find the conditions and the animals were in and their environment?

  • Sebastian March 20, 2006 Reply

    very nice portrait of the monkey! good b/W and a great look of the monkey :-)

  • animalgirl12 September 1, 2007 Reply

    These pics are great

  • circuits April 23, 2008 Reply

    Wow, he really doesnt look to happy. Hehe. Wonderful shot!

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