Duck on Red

A duck in Millenium Park, Chicago last May. Bet you’re wondering what is casting that red glow on the water? All will be revealed on Monday after I post a cute picture of it’s mate!


  1. NoWords Reply

    beautiful colors and textures here!

  2. Micki Reply

    Rats! My first visit here, and I have to wait. Well, stunning photo none-the-less, and I’ll be back on Monday to get the answer.

  3. Cornell Finch Reply

    Aye, great colours! My guess would be a sunset reflecting off the water.

  4. Gavin Reply

    Excellent colours! I love it. The water on the feathers is great, strong composition.

  5. Matty Reply

    Those damned Mallards get everywhere. Brilliant photo!

  6. Dean Sherwood Reply

    Gorgeous colour and sucha vivid light too, really like this Donncha.

  7. coffeelover Reply

    Wonderful detail and color.

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