Bird Flying High

A seagull roused by traffic noise flies up from the River Lee.

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  • NoWords February 17, 2006 Reply

    nice DOF and b&w. good capture

  • Donal February 17, 2006 Reply

    Great shot Donn.

  • Gareth Marlow February 17, 2006 Reply

    Sharp shooting, mate!

  • robron February 17, 2006 Reply

    Great shot, love the black head in contrast to its body

  • Gavin February 17, 2006 Reply

    Wow. Great crop & choice of black&white. Perfect shot.

  • Leo February 17, 2006 Reply

    Great contrast. Good choice in going B&W. I like the choice of going into a landscape crop, but I wouldn’t have centered the gull as much. Still a great shot.

  • Matty February 17, 2006 Reply

    Donncha, Told you!

  • coffeelover February 17, 2006 Reply

    Capturing birds in flight can be very difficult. Great detail and crispness. It is a good image for black and white.

  • your_waitress February 17, 2006 Reply

    very nicely done. so rare to see a bird coming straight towards the camera. hope he/she was friendly! ;-)

  • sebastian February 21, 2006 Reply

    very good photo and the b/w ist perfect!


  • kietra December 30, 2006 Reply

    I want to fly high like a bird to colorado. THANKS!

  • will June 7, 2007 Reply

    hi! great pic. even my 4yr old daughter thinks so 2

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