Walk by the River Lee in Cork City and you’ll come across vertical bars embedded in the river wall. Here’s one that was bent out of shape by some force, possibly a long time ago. In the background is the Cork Opera House.
The texture and grain of the bar appeals to me. It’s not new and shiny and polished. It’s old and worn and has a history.


  1. Sidney Reply

    Just bloghopping.
    A very powerful picture! Very stylish! Great DOF! Excellent.
    I also like your street shots a lot. Nice work !

  2. Cornell Finch Reply

    Very nice, just a shame about the bright spot in the bottom left corner.

    Two quick questions if I may be so bold:

    1. What size border do you put on your images? The black edge I mean.

    2. What’s the theme you’re using and do you mind if I copy you? I am trying to set up a photo blog as a sub of my main domain but can’t find a decent, plain theme to use.


  3. Donncha Reply

    Thanks for the comments! I like the bright spot, it’s a traffic light, although according to this that shows that my lens doesn’t have very good bokeh. *shrug*

    Cornell – the border is 2px wide I think, and the theme is white as milk! It’s a lovely theme, and Matt recently added it to too!

  4. robron Reply

    Hi Donncha, great picture again, very powerful. About the theme. I wanted to use this one before, since it does show off pictures very well. However, when I used it, about a third of the screen was blank on the right, leaving only, say, the middle third of the page for pictures. I’d like to be able to change this. Any ideas, or would I have to pay a host, download the theme, change the screen width and upload it again using ftp?

  5. James Farmer Reply
  6. DaveP Reply

    I like. The poor bokeh (thanks for the pointer to the def’n) on the traffic lights is a little distracting, though.

  7. Cornell Finch Reply

    Not knowing the area (something which I definitely inted to remedy!), the green spot just looked like a green spot. Now that I know what it is it makes more sense!

    Thanks for the info about the theme. Has Matt really just added it to *Goes to look* Sweet!

  8. Donncha Reply

    Robert – I had to modify the template alright so it gave more space to the photo. I can’t remember now what it was I changed, but if you compare the style sheet here with the one in the whiteasmilk zip file it’ll be come obvious!

  9. Cornell Finch Reply

    Do you think you or Matt could do the same over at It’s the only thing putting off using the theme over there. ;)

  10. Cornell Finch Reply

    Got it. Change widt h:550px in #content to widt h:720px. That should sort it. Thanks again Donncha!

  11. robron Reply

    Cheers for that, think I’ve caught the bug, I’ll probably pay for a domain name and host soon and start messing around with themes and stuff.
    Thanks for the info.

  12. Cornell Finch Reply

    Rob – it’s not just what I said. I have ended stealing Donncha’s CSS file and uploading that and it works ok. I’ll go through it in a minute and see if there’s anything I need to remove. ;o)

  13. robron Reply

    I’ve got a free wordpress account though. Am I right in saying that I can’t upload my own theme using ftp or the like?

    p.s. sorry about hijacking this thread with theme talk donncha ;-)

  14. Donncha Reply

    Robert – You can’t upload your own theme unfortunately, but hosting isn’t that expensive if you want to go down that route.

  15. robron Reply

    I think I probably will go down that route, it’s good value for money.
    Cheers for the help.

  16. Gavin Reply

    Wonderful shot , the composition works well. Sorry I’ve been away & thanks for the mention a few posts back :)

  17. Eric Reply

    even if your bokeh is technically bad, i still like it :) and yes i also notice the green dot on the lower left. a bit distracting but i don’t mind it. a bent old pipe like this can tell you lots of stories :)

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