Get There, Go Anywhere

Bicycle locked up and bus arriving on the Grand Parade a few nights ago.
It’s been quite a while since I used either forms of transport.
What caught your eye first about this image? The poster, the foreground or the bus?

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  • Gareth Marlow February 15, 2006 Reply

    The poster, without a doubt ;)

  • robron February 15, 2006 Reply

    Definitely the poster, put I suppose that’s it’s job isn’t it :-) It’s nicely framed by the rail and the pole aswell.

  • Eric February 15, 2006 Reply

    Definitely the poster :) So what do you usually use everyday? Walk?

  • Budi February 15, 2006 Reply

    definitely the breast…i mean the poster..LOL!

  • Donncha February 15, 2006 Reply

    Eric – I work at home, but drive everywhere unless I have time to walk somewhere in Blarney, which isn’t very often unfortunately.

  • Eric February 15, 2006 Reply

    Well, I think working at home has some advantages. I want to try it if I have the chance :)

    @Budi – don’t worry, we will take the first answer instead :)

  • Cornell Finch February 15, 2006 Reply

    It was the bus that caught my eye, I looked at the picture, saw then bus, then the bike (and was surprised that it was “still there”!) and then saw the poster.

    Then I read the description :)

  • Michael Czeiszperger February 15, 2006 Reply

    Well, the poster since its the brightest thing in the picture. I like the crop.

  • John February 15, 2006 Reply

    The poster (I wonder why? :-) ) But what I really like is the idea, bike, bus and the thought of getting there all link.
    The world of opportunity is out there indeed!

  • Sebastian February 15, 2006 Reply

    nice idea and good situation shoot. the bus, the poster and the bike in the front!
    i think other pictue is when you take the focus ( and sharpness) on the poster
    and the bike is diffuse.


  • coffeelover February 16, 2006 Reply

    The poster for sure…but then again -I am guy. Well done city scene.

  • Kevin T. February 16, 2006 Reply

    Definitely the poster.

  • NoWords February 16, 2006 Reply

    first the poster, second the poster…

  • Brian February 16, 2006 Reply

    The poster also. Brightness draws the eye. Great image. Plane, bike, bus, car, walking. All you need is a horse.

  • Peter Crymble February 17, 2006 Reply

    cool shot. thanks for ur recent comments! Great blog! would prefer the poster to have been in focus as I think its the main subject of the photo?

  • Dean Sherwood February 18, 2006 Reply

    Great shot Donna, really like the ‘in-public’ feel to this!

  • Ambrand February 23, 2006 Reply

    That’s a ladies bicycle

  • Kurt March 10, 2007 Reply

    Is that the same girl that’s in the new poster? Must find out who she is.

  • Flickr: Darkle Dagbar October 13, 2007 Reply

    The bike was the last thing I saw. Another poster victim here! :)

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