On the beach at Youghal

Last weekend we visited Youghal in Co. Cork. I haven’t been on the beach there for years and I had quite forgotten how big it is! It was nice for a walk, but we were frozen from the cold wind.
I was just in town. Big Brother were supposed to hold auditions from 9am on the Grand Parade but there was no sign of them. Still, I used the opportunity to buy flowers and they went down very well with Jacinta! :)

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  1. robron Reply

    Ah yes, that brings back memories, haven’t been there since I was a kid. The enduring memory must be of Perk’s Fairground. Don’t know if it’s still there though.


  2. Laura-Claire Reply

    Yeah Perks is still going strong, but now they have a bigger casino is the back, lol. by the way, the beach is about 8 miles long. Havn’t been there for 2 years now, moved to Canada in ’05, it’s still the best place in county Cork!!

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