Texting Texting Texting

Texting.. some people send hundreds of texts every day. How sore are their fingers?

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  • Eric February 8, 2006 Reply

    I’ve never seen a cap with the text “building” before :) nice shot.

  • Donncha February 8, 2006 Reply

    Me neither! Thanks! I spotted him as I walked out of a side street and snapped off 3 or 4 shots!

  • Enygma February 8, 2006 Reply

    How do you get these street shots? I presume you’re not using your 20D for this! :) Do you shoot from the hip? Have you ever been confronted or anything?
    I don’t think I’d have the guts to do something like that for fear of being caught!

  • Budi February 8, 2006 Reply

    nice building…i mean texting ;)

  • Donncha February 8, 2006 Reply

    I shoot from the hip. as I walked past I managed to take several shots and as you can see from this thumbnail, I wasn’t that close. The above image is cropped tightly and wouldn’t print that big, but for the web, it’s fine. The 20D is a 8.2MP camera leaving plenty of pixels to work with!
    Check out Captured 4 Life for some amazing portraits by Dean, who asked people permission to take their photos!

  • Donncha February 8, 2006 Reply

    Enygma – I have been confronted a few times. Most notably by a man selling balloons. I blogged about it but I can’t for the life of me find the photo. If I find it later I’ll add it here!

  • david February 8, 2006 Reply

    excellent photo. great composition; i love the tight crop.

  • Thom February 8, 2006 Reply

    Great shot. I really love how you cropped it – nice and tight. I’ve enjoyed a lot of your street photography, but for some reason this one really sticks out. It almost looks like it could be used in an ad or something.

  • Donncha February 8, 2006 Reply

    Thanks for the positive comments! And to think, I came back from that day of shooting feeling sorry for myself because the light had been so bad I was sure I hadn’t any decent shots!

  • Enygma February 8, 2006 Reply

    Ya I was thinking this one could be used in an ad too for some reason. Looks like one.

  • Gavin February 8, 2006 Reply

    Great crop in this shot. Yeah I agree with enygma looks like an ad. Black & white works really well here.

  • tetsu February 9, 2006 Reply

    I often see the scene like this shot in Tokyo.

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  • John February 9, 2006 Reply

    Looks like one of the Oasis Bros. Good Shot.

  • coffeelover February 10, 2006 Reply

    Great job with the crop and processing. Like the look of this one.

  • Matty February 10, 2006 Reply

    I’m getting sadder and sadder by the minute. The balloon man is here. http://blogs.linux.ie/xeer/2005/08/14/all-around-cork-in-august/

  • Donncha February 10, 2006 Reply

    Thanks Matt! The story of what happened is here: http://blogs.linux.ie/xeer/2005/09/13/photojournalists-what-can-happen/
    Thankfully the LCD on the back of the camera wasn’t good enough to let him realise he was very recognisable!

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  • text advertising May 10, 2008 Reply

    Good pic, when are they going to make it illleagel to text in public, lol

  • Flickr: apolaine October 13, 2008 Reply

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Lost in Text, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  • heyy April 19, 2009 Reply

    heyy this is heyy heyy heyy wazz up i hate texting byee

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