Something blue

Cork is a city of contradictions. The old mixed with the new. Modern office blocks sit alongside grand old limestone buildings.
In other parts of the city it’s harder to tell which is which. New apartment blocks sit abused and unmaintained next to the older parts of the city which look nicer and more inviting in comparison.
This door belongs to an old building in the Middle Parish.


  1. david Reply

    i love this kind of photo; the saturated colours, the age and for me you can’t beat a bit of rust!

  2. John Reply

    Great colour, texture and detail, a record of time and character. Good shot.

  3. NoWords Reply

    beautiful shot, lovely colors, texture and details.

  4. jj Reply

    the texture is nice and the blue is great. love it!

  5. ROB Reply

    Some great colours in there. Glad the camera was taken out for this scene.

  6. Gavin Reply

    Love the lines & the colour! Great derelict shot.

  7. Eric Reply

    The texture of the weathered door is great. And I notice the shiny new lock. what a contrast.

  8. robron Reply

    Love the photo, great detail, on second look just noticed the curve in the door that the lever has scraped over the years.

  9. Sebastian Reply

    very good shot with fine colours! It´s a simple motiv with a great effect.

  10. Flickr: sullen_ Reply

    ahh love this soo much:)
    the corroded parts give the photo such a subtle atmosphere

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