Stop! The Birds!

Street lighting and STOP sign pictured on the quays just up from here last Saturday.
I wanted to make the stop sign jump out a bit more but didn’t want to force it too much. I do like the leading lines the guide the eye to the top of the pole!
And in other news, voting for the Irish Blog Awards has commenced! I’ve been nominated in 3 categories including “Best Photo Blog” for this blog!


  1. Gareth Marlow Reply

    Good luck with the nomination. Another cracking low-angle shot.

  2. Donncha Reply

    Thanks Gareth! Got my fingers crossed for that!

  3. John Reply

    Yes, good luck, another strong shot. Like the almost mono background.

  4. Gavin Reply

    Is this in Ireland? It looks very american. Like the composition. Nice colour!

  5. Paul (Memoria) Reply

    Great perspective and splash of colour.

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