The Old Lady of Madrid

Way back in 2003 I visited my friend Cachu and her family in Madrid.
I had a great time there and took a load of photos but it was months later before I posted any photos.
This is a shot of an old woman sitting in a park enjoying the autumn sunshine somewhere in Madrid. Unfortunately I was quite far away from her and had to use the “digital zoom” of my Sony 717 to get this close so the quality isn’t the best but I really liked this image.


  1. Budi Reply
  2. noushin Reply

    I wonder what she was thinking, there is so much sadness in her face.
    You have an excellent blog, loved going through your work.

  3. Gavin Reply

    I’d say it was more experience the way her face looks. She looks so, deep in thought. Great capture.

  4. jbuhler Reply

    Very nice portrait!

  5. Sebastian Reply

    Very nice Situation Picture. You have a nice Blog! I add you to my fav.


  6. Kad Reply

    such a sensitive portrait, she tells stories with her eyes

  7. Donncha Reply

    Thanks! I must dig up somore more shots from that trip to Madrid as it was beautiful there and there are a couple of images just screaming for attention!

  8. Brian Reply

    This is a very powerful shot. Beautiful. Great comp.

  9. Sebastian Reply

    my favourit photo. i know its my second comment on this photo but i like it :-)


  10. eterisk Reply

    A great capture of something calm and old.

  11. Spanish girl Reply

    What a lovely picture! :-)

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