Glendalough Lower Lake

Glendalough derives it’s name from the Irish name for the area, “Gleann Da Loch” which roughly translates as “glen of the two lakes”. It was a cold enough day so we only got a good look at the lower lake, but I’m looking forward to visiting again!


  1. Peter Crymble Reply

    Gr8 to see a fellow irish photoblog! Thanks 4 ur recent comments….

    This is a lovely shot – well done. Composition is pretty good and seems nice and clear…only distraction is the blown out sky – but thats what happens in Ireland..if your camera allow u to shoow in RAW you can sometimes repair it….Thans and keep up the good work…PC

  2. Enygma Reply

    I’ve learned a few techniques using gradients in Photoshop that allow you to recover some sky. It’s very difficult to get it just right though. Might be worth investing in a split neutral density filter.

  3. Gavin Reply

    Wonderful forground. I Love the tree’s in the top right. Excellent shot,

  4. Donncha Reply

    Thanks for the comments, it was even nicer than the photo shows!
    I thought about working on the sky but I don’t have time these days for much post-processing and I found it pleasing the way it was!

  5. Pete Connolly Reply

    Very nice Donncha. I’ve been there quite a few times but none recently, alas. Brings me back


  6. Eric Reply

    looks like a good place to visit someday :)

  7. Phil Reply

    The sea is wonderful – so smooth.

  8. Sebastian Reply

    Beautiful Landscape!!! I want holiday on this place :-)

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  10. jenny Reply

    We have just returned from a great Day Tour to Wicklow with lots of free time to walk through this area
    the company was DAY TOURS UNPLUGGED
    There guides are fantastic, and we got lots of photos, we also went up through the Sally Gap
    and Wicklow mountains there was a small group 20 persons A GREAT DAY OUT

  11. Flickr: Cepinoo Reply

    With a little more definition in the background this picture would be even better.

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