Seaside Wall and Rocks

Down in Oysterhaven of course!


  1. Eric Reply

    wow the rocks are so colorful. nice choice of angle here. Was that a bus in the background?

  2. Budi Reply

    very dramatic photo…cool

  3. John Reply

    great composition – I’d have cropped it just below the bus – looks even more dramatic

  4. Gavin Reply

    Your eye just sweaps right down the shot. Incredible. & I like the colours of the stones. Niceone.

  5. Donncha Reply

    That’s actually a cottage up there! I tried cropping it closer but it removed too much of the foreground for my taste. I originally had this as a highly saturated image but I think it looks better with some of the colour channels muted a bit!

  6. John Reply

    Yep – the muted colours work much better. What lens did you use ?


  7. Ambrand Reply

    Excellent, so many other photographers would have used black and white, but the colours of the stones really add life. It would be nicer if the yellow building was vertical though maybe.

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