Here Feen! Give us dat, boy!

Couple of local lads pictured in front of the Savoy, Patrick’s Street, Cork.


  1. Budi Reply

    I love his expression. Did they know you when you’re taking photo of them?

  2. Donncha Reply

    Nope, it was shot from the hip as I walked past! I was in a hurry but when I saw them I had to shoot.

  3. Gavin Reply

    A shot from the hip? Wow. I’d never have the confidence to take a photograph of them. Great shot.

  4. Donncha Reply

    Gavin – I was walking quickly past! :)

  5. Budi Reply

    i love the shop from the hip. one of my fav styles.

  6. ryan Reply

    If they knew their picture was being taken, your camera would be in Cash Converters right now :D

  7. Phil Reply

    Like ryan said, you gotta be careful in this situation – i couldnt take this picture at all. I get nervous being around kids like this with my camera.

  8. alexander Reply

    i second you there.
    there is always an advantage to what i call being a “chick with a cam”. i know girls who just come up to the most menacing looking bloke and ask him to pose for her – him just after a fight on the phone, back alley of some club – i am not kidding – woman have “the touch”.
    me – i’d be carrying a signed check with me, to buy my camera back from the guy right there. :)
    lovely shot.

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