Carey’s Lane

Carey’s Lane leads off Patrick Street in Cork to Paul Street and the large Tesco shopping center there. In by-gone days it was part of the Huguenot Quarter of the city.

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  1. Budi Reply

    what is the meaning upper the “carey’s lane” in english?

  2. Donncha Reply

    That’s the Irish translation. Literally, “Lane [of] Carey”. Irish sentence structure is often the reverse of what appears in English.
    “Ui” doesn’t mean “of”, but is used in many female names, and basically means “daughter of”. Streets names are female in Irish evidently which is why they used “Lana Ui Chiardha”!

  3. Matty Reply

    I can feel another web 2.0 coming…….

  4. Matty Reply

    web 2.0 app, I mean. Not another web 2.0. We’ve already got one of those.

  5. Russell Carey Reply

    Great Photo, do you have any more of Carey’s lane? My gggggrandfather (John Carey) had a business in Carey’s lane back in the 1800’s. Would love to get hold of any photo’s of this area modern or old.

  6. Donncha Reply

    Russell – I’ll send you some photos later!

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