Coats and Hat

It’s unusual to see a man wearing a hat like the one above these days. I made this photo on Patrick Street a few weeks ago and love the different textures and the faces!

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  1. Budi Reply

    Yesterday is more ‘surreal’ for me. But today, I like the way you taking the shot without they’re noticing it. How could you? Is it a belly shot? ;)

  2. Donncha Reply

    “Shot from the hip” :)
    I saw them and fired off 2 shots as I walked past! Light was terrible though so I had to work on the noise.

  3. Gavin Reply

    The angle in this shot, so interesting.

  4. Phil Reply

    The fact that the woman stands out so well in her white coat is great. Nice angle indeed.

  5. laura Reply

    is it legal 2 take a photo of someone and publish it on the web without asking them? im not having a go, I’m just interested.

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