Lady on the phone

Sometimes you’ll take a photo and think it’s not great. Occasionally you’ll spot a photo within the photo.
I was attempting to photograph two lads walking down the street but when I saw the resulting image they were blurred by motion and out of focus. A closer look later showed this young lady on her mobile phone, and a man looking after her in the background.
Quite a bit of cropping, and this photo is only a 1/3 of what the original was!


  1. Budi Reply

    it’s my fav :)

  2. Daragh Mc Grath Reply

    Great shot Donncha, I love that, when you spot a photo within a photo, it’s always such a pleasant surprise

  3. Jason Dunsmore Reply

    That shot was just meant to be. The stars aligned, or something.

  4. Gavin Reply

    Wonderful Photograph. Sometimes Things Just Happen. Like This. Excellent.

  5. Phil Reply

    What a way to find a great picture.

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