Fog Laden Trees

Trees in Blarney on a foggy day


  1. Budi Reply

    Wow, the feeling is like in Harry Potter Movies. Never seen giant and ‘scary’ trees like that in the tropical country like Indonesia.

    Donncha, I’ve tried to resize my image :)

  2. Donncha Reply

    Thanks Budi! After seeing the web-version of this image I was disappointed because the original, when full-screen, is really creepy and ominuous!
    I’ll send you a reply about resizing later!

  3. tetsu Reply

    Beautiful shot!
    Blurring on the top of trees is so nice.

  4. Jason Dunsmore Reply

    Beautiful! I love the suddle blue tint of the fog and the way the tree branches pop out of the fog.

  5. Dave Reply

    very creepy…… we’ve been getting a lot fog recently which is great for photos, keep up the good work

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