Winter Sky

Taken while we were out walking this afternoon. Beautiful but a little cold.

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  1. Eric Reply

    Oh, what a nice neighbourhood. In what city do you live? And what’s that line in the sky?

  2. Peter Reply

    Nice photo, it’s kind of a pity about the jeep at the bottom though.

    That line in the sky is a jet.

  3. Donncha Reply

    Eric – I live in Blarney, Co. Cork, Ireland. This is just 10 minutes walk away!

    I debated with myself about posting this photo. I have another shot without any traffic but I like it because it reminds me that despite the busy roads, nature is beautiful and Ireland still has a lot of lovely locations despite all the tarmac being laid down.

  4. Chloe Reply

    I like your pictures a lot.
    I was searching “the winter sky” and your page’s images was one of the first shown.
    You have a wonderful eye and you share it well.
    Keep up the good work.

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