Better Watch the Late Late Show!

Ray D’Arcy is going to be on The Late Late Show plugging the new US “photos of Ireland” book!
How do I know? Well, I was in the kitchen this afternoon taking a break with a cup of tea and a sandwich, talking to Jacinta and I got a call on my mobile.

I wasn’t expecting a call, and it was a private number so imagine my surprise when the voice at the other end said, “Hi this is Ray D’Arcy.” I was incredulous and didn’t believe him, but yes, it was Ray from Today FM!

It seems that a couple of my photos made the cut and will appear in the new book! There’s also a small chance that one of them will be shown on national television tomorrow night.

Am I excited? I’m very happy :)


  1. Bob Monkhouse Reply

    My god, well done.

    Any of me?

  2. Donncha Reply

    Sorry Bob, Ray did say that he thought, “that Bob Monkhouse fella is too handsome to put in the book”. I pleaded with him but he wouldn’t hear of it.

    Thanks :)

  3. Andy Skelton Reply

    Woo! Gooooo Donncha!

  4. Matty Reply

    That’s fantastic! I hope your mate Ryan got a call as well!

  5. Daragh Mc Grath Reply

    Wow, hey, congrats dude! Makes me green now the fact that I didn’t get out that day to take anything, but seriously thrilled for you, and I feel so privileged to have had such a famous and esteemed photographer as yourself hold my camera and endorse it as such a nice piece of kit. Now, to find those images you took with it and get them primed for ebay…..

  6. James Farmer Reply
  7. Caoimhe Reply

    Fantastic news…did they tell you which ones were chose….really interested to see..I’m assuming theyll put a selection of them online? Again, very exciting, congrats ;o)

  8. Donncha Reply

    He mentioned my garden in passing, and asked for more information about the photo “sharing“. I admitted it was a candid photo so I don’t think they’ll show it on tv. It is in the book however! :)

  9. Mel Reply

    Fantastic. Well Done!

  10. Donncha Reply

    Oh well, didn’t get my photo on the Late Late. I feared as much, it being a candid shot and all! I just loved the photo of the child in the air, and the black and white one taken in the retirement home. Wow.

  11. ryan Reply

    cheers Matt.. I didnt get a call… but I did get published in the Sunday Independent :) Had I gotten a call from the man himself I would likely be occupying a bed in the cardiac ward of some hospital.

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