Red Sky At Night

Red sky after a beautiful sunset in Garrettstown last Sunday.
The original high-res version is even better!


  1. Budi Reply

    One more time Donncha…Salute!

  2. James Farmer Reply

    Bloggers delight!

  3. ryan Reply

    I say old chap, were you out buying filters? Specifically one of the ND type?

  4. Donncha Reply

    Actually no, the darkening sky was probably caused by vignetting in the lens plus I upped the contrast for greater effect. The original has the same effect but isn’t as pronounced.
    I had to put the camera on top of a sign to hold it steady as the exposure took 1/4 sec!

  5. Peggy Reply

    Absolutely gorgeous!!

  6. Mark Healy Reply

    Great shot!

  7. Flickr: OrliPix Reply

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  8. Flickr: bigeoino Reply

    you made it to the front of "cork places"
    well done

  9. Flickr: Donncha O Caoimh Reply
  10. Flickr: Donncha O Caoimh Reply
  11. Flickr: estgirl99 Reply

    nice colours
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  12. Flickr: hirsute91 Reply

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