Noise Reduction the Open Source way

What are your options when you don’t run Windows or Mac and/or don’t want to use proprietary software?
Niklas Saers covers some of the options in this blog post. Thanks to him, I learned about ISO Noise Reduction, a GIMP plugin, which I’ll give a try tomorrow.
I usually use DCAM Noise, or selective blur to remove offending pixels but that can leave awful looking smooth areas next to unsightly pixels.


  1. Peter Reply

    Thanks for this! I didn’t even know this type of software existed! I took some shots early on Saturday morning (7:30) in overcast conditions. I’d set the ISO to 400 but I was really disappointed with the results. Hopefully I’ll be able to salvage something. can’t wait to try out this plugin.

  2. Chad Smith Reply

    Hi Donncha,

    I just wanted to let you know that i love your photos. And I’ve put some of them on my website – – with credit given, of course. Thanks for letting me know about your work!

    -Chad Smith

  3. Jason Dunsmore Reply

    Thanks for the info! I’ll be trying all the plugins listed there.

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