Bird Feeding

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  1. Matty Reply

    Donncha, you need to be more specific. I want you to tell us what type of bird this is. All tit style jokes aside, this photo’s great. I just love the great look of determination on its face.

  2. Donncha Reply

    Thanks Matt! According to John’s comment on Flickr it’s a Great Tit, but who am I to know? “I just take the photos!” :)

  3. big bird…{oistrich} Reply

    wow wat a deadly pic..seriously dis website is brill…drs even a pic of a tit{bird}…f£$*@#g mental..haha!great pic doh..

  4. Biggy Reply

    Great picture : )

  5. angel_tyreal Reply

    woah never saw that one coming. idiots.

  6. Lilly Reply

    beautiful picture : )

  7. Paul Reply
  8. Niall Reply

    I believe it to be a coal tit or great tit

  9. James Reply

    Jesus! look at the size of that Tit!

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